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Assess the health of your company culture

We have the time and tools to understand what's going on and how to fix it.

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Keep Your Company Culture Healthy


Customized Assessment

An easy to implement assessment process gets to the root of your culture challenges.


Proven Process

A process proven to work for even the most complex culture challenges.


Practical Solutions

Get practical solutions to solve your company culture challenges, plus help with implementation.



Rhett B.

Tricia was my HR Business Partner when I was a General Manager, with whom I frequently sought counsel on culture, people, and change management. Not only does Tricia have excellent people instincts, her natural curiosity about business operations led her to ask questions that helped me pressure test ideas that went outside of a normal GM/HRBP relationship.

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Chuck H.

She impressed me consistently with not only her HR knowledge, but also her strategic thinking. She understood people, their motivations, and how to inspire the best from them. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tricia and would recommend her to anyone needing HR expertise, general leadership coaching, or executive mentoring.

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Patrick C.

Tricia is a very talented and dedicated professional. I had the pleasure of working with Tricia for several years and have always found her willing and able to help. One of her greatest strengths is the ability to find not just the answer, but the right solution to the problem or challenge at hand. 

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Peggy G.

I came to rely on [Tricia] extensively as we prepared key talent for succession through competency-based development programs; accelerated change through a consistent methodology; and championed alignment of OD practices with business objectives.

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Company Culture Challenges

Shouldn't Slow Your Business Down

We understand how frustrating it can be to feel like no matter what you do, your company culture doesn't improve.

This is why I created a proven process that will assess the health of your company culture and provide solutions for any challenges we discover.

Book a consultation


Create and implement a solution


Watch culture challenges decrease and profits increase


How much are company culture challenges costing you?

Challenges will arise. We can help you meet them head on with the tools to understand what's going on and how to fix it.

Book a consultation today so you can stop feeling stuck and improve the health of your company culture.

It's time to be confident your business is growing as it should and move your business forward.


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