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Are you hiding behind covert lies?

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

In middle school, I was using a jig saw and accidentally sawed my fingers instead of the wood. Nothing was severed but it was cut deep enough to need stitches. My dad took me to the emergency room to get stitches.

I was terrified of getting stitches. I screamed and cried while my dad and the doctor casually chatted. I finally said, "when are you going to stop talking and give me stitches?" The doctor told me he was finished and was about to wrap my two fingers up.

What? I felt nothing except the overwhelming fear of the unknown.

From that day forward, I turn my head and do not look when having a minor medical procedure. I calmly wait for them to finish and usually feel little to nothing.

Fears are usually just covert lies.

I learned early in life that the fear of the unknown hurts much worse than the actual event. Despite that knowledge, I still find myself paralyzed by fear of the unknown. I waited almost three years after my website was developed to start blogging because I feared the unknown along with fearing rejection, criticism and that I had nothing worthwhile to share with others.

I have taken that first step of starting my blog. I am challenging you to take that first step that you know you need to take.

What has been in your heart and mind for years? What can you do today to take that first step?

Below is the masterpiece I was cutting when I cut two of my fingers instead.

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