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You've broken free, now what?

Abby thought about getting her PhD but she wasn't sure she could write a dissertation. Jack had several ideas for business start-ups but didn't want to lose the little money he had if they went under. Abby and Jack both decided to wait.

Piper thought about changing careers to Finance but was afraid she might change her mind again. So she did nothing to change her career.

Abby, Jack and Piper haven't failed at anything. They really have done nothing except miss opportunities to learn, grow, explore, discover and gain wisdom and strength.

Fear causes us to fret, fight and freeze.

Life is full of terrifying things. Giving a speech in front of your peers. Starting a new position. Becoming a manager for the first time. Writing your first blog post. Taking a dance class. There is the you before you try something new and the person you are afterward. Abby, Jack and Piper are basically the same though because they are afraid to try anything new.

Taking that first step out of your comfort zone is the scariest.

My 13-year old daughter had a summer full of first experiences and overcoming fears. She rode on an airplane for the first time. She visited the Navajo Indian Reservation and made friends from other cultures and different generations. She performed in skits and a puppet show for the first time. She overcame her fear of roller coasters and even rode one that went upside down.

She took the first step despite feeling afraid, uncomfortable, inadequate. As a result, she grew in strength and skill. What was once uncomfortable is now routine.

Stepping out of our comfort zones has the potential to set us free.

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